About us

Kalakendra Foundation (KK), established in 2015, is a non-profit artist-run space for contemporary art in Dhaka, Bangladesh, voluntarily run and financed by a collective of local artists. Our space is an art hub for multidisciplinary art practice, presenting and promoting experimental, research-based, context-oriented art and discourse through curation, critical analysis, debates and discussions. We aim to work at the crossroads of international and local art scenes, emphasizing the development of relationships between art, artists, activists, critics, curators, collectors and viewers.


Our Journey…

Since 2015, 44 solo (29 young artists first solo exhibitions) and 4 group exhibitions, 44 artist talks and 23 art lectures have been arranged along with several art workshops and screenings of art-related films. In addition, 44 exhibition catalogues have been produced and distributed among national and international art institutions, libraries and cultural organizations. Besides all that, we believe what really makes KK so special is the atmosphere created through the community in our cultural space bringing people with very diverse backgrounds together and inspiring collective and collaborative work.

Still, our work is not confined to our space in Dhaka. From August 2017 on, KK started re-exhibiting selected exhibitions in Chittagong, Bangladesh, with gallery partners Bistaar, Chittagong, Shilpakala Academy and Artist Rashid Chowdhury Art Gallery. We are always open to collaborations with guest curators, artists, and other art initiatives, nationally and internationally.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, KK organized two main activities – 1. Online Portfolio Review Sessions (40 participants), which were mentored by prominent artists, art teachers and other guest mentors of Bangladesh. 2. A residency for five young artists who used the gallery as their studio and living space. In November 2020, the outcomes of the residency were exhibited in a group exhibition called “Art in Isolation, Living and Working in an Exhibition Space”. In March 2021, KK partnered with Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and organized an arts exhibition featuring a range of multidisciplinary artworks presented by the awardees of the ‘Futures Beyond the Self 2020” project, initiated by Goethe-Institute Bangladesh.


Kibria Print Studio..

Our space is also hosting the Kibria Print Studio in order to promote graphic art practice in Bangladesh. The studio is free to use for everyone interested and aims to create an open culture encouraging the exchange and the expansion of knowledge by broadening the scope of art practice through printmaking. The Studio hosted art fairs, exhibitions and workshops and also introduced a Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of printmaking. Since 2012, Kibria Print Fair has been the liveliest and most vibrant event in the field of printmaking in Bangladesh, with a total of 22 institutions and print studios participating. From 2017 on, also international print studios joined the Fair.

Kalakendra Residency..


In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic A residency for five young artists who used the gallery as their studio and living space. In 2021 kk started his residency Program. First time collaboration with Dhaka Art week, 3 artist from out side of Dhaka, residence at KK program. Artist have chosen by a open call. In future Kk residency will be open for artist from all country. 

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